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The Pledge

The Pledge - Kimberly Derting

3 Good Things…

1. It is so beautifully written- The way that Kimberly Dertin writes is just captivating and keeps you reading avidly.

2. Narrative- I was a little sceptical about the multiple simultaneous narratives at first as, long story short, I had a bad experience with multiple narratives last summer, but this book has truly restored my faith in them! Unlike the awful book I read last summer, the narratives are really clear and the characters are so well painted!

3. Plot – I won’t say too much on this as I don’t want to ruin it for y’all but in three words I would describe the plot as gripping, twisting and phenomenal. I just loved that it was set in the future but with a monarchy and the seriously epic plot twists.


2 Bad Things…

1. It kept me up so late I almost missed the bus the next morning

2. Maybe a little slow in the teeny historical background of Ludania, but it makes the story full and is kind of necessary so that’s just me being knit-picky.Overall I loved this book the plot is just amazing and I would highly reccomend it, so, I am proud to give it…


Star Rating…

*****5 stars!